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Poseidon's Son is Kati's fourth CD. She got the idea for the CD while working at Club Med and still recovering from the World Trade Center disaster. The title song, Poseidon's Son, is about the healing power of the ocean and love. "For about a year, various things would trigger a panic attack in me. It was weird. Hard to talk about. At Club Med, watching guests play on the trapeze and fall to the net really shook me. I realized that the song I would write about my experience with 9-11 would be called Trapeze. I seriously feel like the melody and lyric of that piece were channeled. I've never had that happen before. It is definitely the perspective of the people I watched die that day, not mine."

Most of the songs were written while getting her Masters Degree in composition at Purchase College and reflect her desire to explore creatively. Kati tips her hat to James Brown, Missy Elliot, Rumi and Joni Mitchell. No 12 tone compositions though. Sorry Webern! "I had a lot of good friends help me on this project. I really love the funk tune, "ISYAWITME?". I wanted to collaborate with my buddy Jeff Golub. Then we brought in Joel Rosenblatt, Will Lee, Chris Palmero, Vaneese Thomas, Tim Ouimette, Jack Bashkow and Dale Kleps. It was FUN! (if ya like fun) ;)

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Includes "Only Love", the song chosen to be the opening theme for CBS Daytime's "Guiding Light"

Kati Mac Anicca cover
Kati’s third CD, Anicca (which means impermanence in Sanskrit), is a collection of songs about transition and change. Intended to be a more introspective and personal work than her previous two CDs, 18 Forever and Time, Kati takes you on a tour of her experience with love, loss and spiritual growth.

"I was grieving the death of my best friend and I decided to write a series of songs about being in the process of change. I tried to capture the essence and subtleties of transition; the fear, pain, resistance and finally, acceptance that is involved. No one really likes change! Especially the scary stuff like death and loss of love. Even "good" changes have unusual emotional landscapes," says Kati. "It’s all impermanent and that’s what makes our lives so precious".

The tone of the CD is set with the comforting and hopeful song, Angels Are Watching. It is followed by a re-make of the Beatles’ tune Dear Prudence. Kati recorded this as a tribute to her brother Bobby who died in a car accident at age eighteen. With soulful vocals and commanding instrumental performances, it is a dramatic and haunting arrangement. Songs about first love, heartbreak and finding oneself are creatively explored, using an array of instruments (trumpet, cello, harmonica, and harpsichord) to vary the textures.

  • The Fire The Flame
  • Where The Moon Reigns
  • The Gun
  • Something Has Changed
  • Bugle's Lullaby
  • Like Christmas Day
  • Your Life Is In Your Hand
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Kati Mac time cover

Includes the Emmy-nominated songs Wounded Heart and All the Tea in China
Time is Kati’s second independent release. Containing the two Emmy-nominated songs All The Tea in China and Wounded Heart, the lyric content is edgier than her debut CD, 18 Forever. The subjects of incest, the futility of war, true love, violence as entertainment, extra-marital affairs, broken hearts and hope (thank goodness!) are explored. There's even a comic reflection on John Lennon in the song Cranberry Sauce.

Wisdom, pain, and humor pulse beneath the skin of this top-forty radio-friendly CD. Mac thinks, "It is the artist's job to reflect his or her world. It is through the artist that people of a time know each other and themselves. A society leaves its mark in history through its artists."

In a deceptively pop format, Time is a thoughtful CD aimed at the mind, heart and soul of the listener. The melodies are memorable and will keep you humming, while the images of the lyric provoke, amuse, and haunt you.


Kati Mac 18 Forever cover

Includes the Emmy-nominated song
I Don't Know When
Kati's debut CD 18 Forever was released in the USA on Baby Munsta Records in 1992, and also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on Bellaphon Records in 1993. The title track is dedicated to her brother and is the only thing that she considers “she had to do,” in her life. It is a fun and spirited rock and roll record, which won praise from The New York Post's music critic, Dan Aquilante.

The Emmy-nominated single I Don't Know When was played on the daytime TV show General Hospital and on Sunset Beach as a featured song. It was also heard on radio stations across the United States.

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Kati Mac’s newest CD, Save Me From Myself is a dark and moody blues rock tour de force. The title track, written with Nashville songwriter Rand Bishop (My List #1), sets the tone for this musical departure for Mac. Her smokey voice captures the emotional content and good time rockin' feel of the songs. The arrangements are classic yet unique. The songs are melodic and soulful. You’ll sing along.

The CD was recorded at Peaceful Waters Music in Bedford, New York with master engineer Wayne Warnecke and was co-produced with accomplished NYC arranger, composer, trumpeter Tim Ouimette.

The band includes: Drums: Kevin Hupp, Denny McDermott. Bass: Al Hemberger, Charlie Knicely. Keys: Jon Cobert. Guitars: Peter Calo, Van Manakis. Horns: Tim Ouimette and Bill Harris. “All of these guys played their butts off and are exceptional at their respective instruments” exclaims Kati.  “I am very proud of the CD and hope everyone digs it”. 

You’re gonna dig it.

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